We love kids at Grace Church and treasure each one because they are made in the image their Creator!


When you visit for the 1st time, we encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early to register your child for Grace Kids.

Children's Ministry is provided for babies & toddlers in the Nursery during the entire service. 

All kids preschool age through 5th grade join the church during worship and then attend their classes during the sermon.

The 6th-8th graders meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month.


Your child's safety is a high priority at Grace Church. For this reason, your child will receive a security name tag when they are checked into Children's Ministry.  You will keep the corresponding name tag to check-out your child after the service.

All adult volunteers are trained and screened through Ministry Safe.


Our Pre-K/K kids are inquisitive, active learners eager to hear about Jesus! 

At the beginning of their class, they join the 1st-5th graders for the Gospel Project for Kids. After the lesson, the Pre-K/K kids go to their classroom to receive age-appropriate instruction on the Bible story with fun crafts, games and activities.

Learning about Jesus is fun!

Children's Ministry exists to proclaim the wonders of Jesus to the children of Grace Church

so they may believe in Jesus and have life in his name.  (John 20:31)

1st-5th grade class

We are passionate about making church meaningful and enjoyable for the kids.


Our Preschool and 1st-5th grade classes teach the kids about Jesus using the Gospel Project for Kids.

The Gospel Project is a 3-year curriculum from Genesis to Revelation showing the kids that every Bible story points to the one BIG story of God saving the world.

Come join us on this amazing journey through the Bible and see Jesus!

Middle SChool class

Our middle school class meets bi-monthly after worship. We seek to cultivate a love for God in the 6th-8th graders and to equip them with tools for more in-depth Bible study.

To accomplish this, we engage the students with the bible passages currently being taught by our pastors each week. We use a round table question and answer format and allow the Spirit of God to meet us in our discussions.