Sunday services in the park

For our outdoor summer services, here’s what you need to know:




Where/WhenHarry Griffen Park  amphitheater, 9:00am: 9550 Milden Street, La Mesa, CA 91942.

Social Distancing - we will need to continue to practice social distancing in our gatherings.

"Restaurant Rules" - As the family of God, we eat out together every Sunday as we feast on God and his word!  Before and after our services we are going to employ “restaurant rules,” which means, as you enter the amphitheater area for our service, as you interact with people beforehand, and as you interact with people afterwards, you need to wear a face covering.  We realize that wearing a mask or face covering is not comfortable for many of us. For further explanation, click HERE.

Designated Mask Required Area - we are designating the far-right side of the amphitheater (CLICK FOR IMAGE) as a designated “mask required” area. We’re implementing this in an effort to make sure that all of our members & guests feel comfortable gathering with us for worship. We’ll have signage indicating that it is a mask required area, so please make sure that you’re wearing a mask and maintaining appropriate social distancing before entering this space.

Children’s Ministry - we will not have children’s ministry while we're meeting in the park, but we will have activity bags and sermon “fill in the blanks” for any kids who would like one.

What to Bring

As we’ll be meeting in the park amphitheater, you might want to consider bringing water, blankets, snacks, sunscreen, hats, chairs, and, as we get further into summer, an “EZ Up” or umbrella might be nice.

Restrooms - On-site restrooms will be available for our use.

Please contact the church office ( if you have any questions.