feasting on god's word


man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD.  

– Deuteronomy 8:3


To live by every word that comes from the mouth of God, it’s important to be intentional in our intake of Scripture.  So, HAVE A PLAN!  That could mean parking in a book of the Bible, reading and reflecting on it over and over.  But many find a Bible reading plan helpful. Some plans are listed below; find one that is sustainable for you:

  • Four readings daily: Psalms, Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospels. DownloadPDF (Plan begins on p. 25)

  • Read through the whole bible or just the New Testament in one year. Download: PDF

  • Read the bible in one year, with daily readings in Old Testament, New Testament and Psalms. DownloadPDF

  • Read the New Testament and Psalms twice and the Old Testament once.  Download: PDF

  • Read the entire bible in a year with 25 days of reading per month from different sections of God’s word.  Download: PDF


Then, HAVE A PRACTICE.  To live by every word from God, we also need to be dependent and intentional in what we do with Scripture.  Consider the following:

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to meet you in his word - to open the "eyes of your heart" (e.g., Ps 119:18, Eph 1:18) and to show you more of Jesus and his love (Eph 3:14-19)

  • As you read God's word, slow down at points to meditate (e.g., Ps 1). Think about a word, phrase, or verse (if necessary, read less to meditate more).  Ask questions of the text:

    • what is God revealing about his character and promises?
    • what do I see here of Jesus and his finished work?
    • how am I encouraged, corrected, or helped here?
    • what’s one thing to reflect on throughout my day?
  • Commune with God through his living and active word:

    • pray God’s word back to him
    • wait on God, asking him to empower you to think, feel, or live in light of his word (Eph 5:18-21).
    • respond to God – i.e., rejoicing in Jesus, hoping in God’s character, trusting him for a situation, confessing a sin, involving others for help or care, etc.